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Mac Collective Shares 3 Resume Building Tips with Recent Graduates
01 Apr

Mac Collective Shares 3 Resume Building Tips with Recent Graduates

It’s that time of year again. The time where new and fresh talent will be out and about to earn their place in the world. A time where businesses and companies look forward to meeting new individuals that are capable of great things. “As graduate season approaches the best advice I would give to recent graduates and young individuals is to polish your resume really well,” mentions Paul Macnamara, Managing Director of Mac Collective. We know that writing a resume or cover letter for a position you really want requires extreme precision. Especially because graduates have limited experience and they have to work on ways to spruce up other contents they have experience in which shows their qualities as a potential worker.


Mac Collective knows what makes a resume perfect and up to par in the eyes of company officials. There are many ways to show the company or business that you’re applying to your skills. You are certainly not limited and each and every individual has something great that makes them a great worker. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve accumulated. We are sure that these tips will help you improve your resume for any work area and company you want to be a part of.


  • Focus on extracurricular activities and responsibilities: “What this sets is an emphasis on the skills and experience you have,” notes Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. Focus on any kind of work or activity you did that made you stand out. For example, maybe you were involved in an internship that helped you develop leadership skills. Maybe you were a leader in a school organizational setting for a club. What this does is sets the tone of your abilities. By listing these activities you put a highlight on what you have that’s valuable as much as years of experience.
  • Make sure to mention how you can be a valuable asset to this role and company: “You’re applying because you want the job, whoever is looking at your resume knows that. However, you want to make sure you’re talking about how you will help the company. Why are you valuable? What makes you great for this?” notes Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. Make sure to mention that in your cover letter/resume.
  • Edit x 100: We place an emphasis on editing because once you’ve accomplished writing your resume and cover letter before you send it off it’s important to look over it for grammatical errors and mistakes. Always double check your work before you send it off. This is very important because if someone notices a spelling or grammatical error in your resume it’ll give the impression of carelessness, which is not what companies want. “Another great way to see if you have mistakes in your resume/cover letter is by letting someone else read it,” says Paul Mcnamara of Mac Collective. It gives another perspective and eye to any errors you’ve missed.