About Us

We combine modern marketing innovation with traditional methods.

Mac Collective’s energetic, professional team provide a bespoke, tailored marketing strategy.

Who We Are

Mac Collective is strategically placed here in Chicago, Illinois as it is the third largest city in the United States, with a population of nearly three million people. We are market leaders in the direct marketing industry and provide direct marketing solutions on brand management, customer acquisition and sales strategies. Mac Collective’s services are tried, tested and tailored. We are therefore able to provide limitless scope to better assist companies from all industries and sectors, thus enabling the growth our clients require.


Mac Collective Founder and CEO Paul Macnamara started his career in the UK and moved over to New York in 2015 with his sights set on opening up his headquarters in Chicago. Mac Collective’s goal is to expand to all parts of the USA including Texas, San Francisco, Boston and Miami.


MAC Collective invests in people. Our team gets the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experiences while working along side our Fortune 100 clients. We invest in our team by offering training in areas such as consulting, brand marketing, human resources, public relations, advertising, business development, and market research and analysis. In a demanding market that is ever changing, the need for brands to adapt to the competitive world is the difference between success and failure; and this is where we come in. Our strategies help clients expand their market to more populations with long term relationships established. The people we connect with get high integrity consultants with an at ease approach that ensures the best one on one experience to fit their needs.

Direct Marketing

Sales Development

Brand Awareness

Project Management

Customer Service

Campaign Implementation

Feedback & Analysis

Here at Mac Collective we are hungry to develop our clients in the telecommunications, sports, finance, healthcare and non-profit organization customer base. It is what we do best! We help our clients grow through specialized events, retail and in-store promotions, allowing us to forge a long-term relationship with their customers. Essentially, we enable longevity between the clients and their customer base by making sure that the customer has a clear understanding of the client’s product offerings and receives excellent customer service. Using visual demonstrations and product advice, we provide clients with quantifiable results, which can be analyzed on a daily or weekly basis.

Our energetic and highly professional team will guarantee proper representation by increasing the amount of business leads we generate for our clients.