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Mac Collective Offer Entrepreneurs Advice on How to be a Better Leader
29 May

Mac Collective Offer Entrepreneurs Advice on How to be a Better Leader

Managing Director of successful sales and marketing company, Mac Collective based in Elmhurst, Paul Macnamara has offered entrepreneurs some valuable advice on how to be a more confident leader.

Mac Collective, who specialize in outsourced sales and marketing know exactly what it takes to be confident. And that is because Managing Director, Paul has three key pieces of advices that he offers leaders, and what he builds his business with. He said, “As an entrepreneur and leader, confidence isn’t a choice. It’s necessary for growing success. It isn’t a tactical thing. It’s an emotion. Just like any emotion, happiness, anger, sadness, etc. So in order to achieve that high level of confidence to push through the challenges and growing pains of running a business and being a leader, I have provided three tips that I use for confidence building in myself, and others.”

1. Listen before you speak.

The key to building confidence lies in building your conversational skills. How it works is simple: ask open-ended questions. After all, the point of conversation is to relate to someone. But the important part is listening to the answers. It is important to remember: If you’re not listening, you’re not connecting.

2. Pay attention to appearance.

Just because you may not be meeting with a VIP doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to look like a mess. You never know who you’ll meet at any given moment and it’s crucial for your confidence to know that you’re looking good.

3. Make sure to smile… A lot!

It is simple, but it is important. Your body language can not only change how others see you but also how you see yourself. The easiest thing you can do to feel confident is smile, especially when your self-esteem is low. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, smiling can put everyone around you (and even you) at ease. Then, you’re in a position of influence to make decisions people will trust.

Managing Director of Mac Collective, Paul Macnamara concludes, “When you boost your confidence in yourself and your leaders, you are also boosting your business to success.”

Mac Collective, based in Elmhurst, specialize in quality client representation and building brand awareness. A source from the direct marketing firm commented, “I go by a quote of Marcus Garvey, ‘If you have no confidence in yourself, you are twice defeated in the race of life.’ I believe this quote speaks volumes when it comes to confidence, and shows the importance of it.”

Branding is the Secret According to Mac Collective
14 May

Branding is the Secret According to Mac Collective

Mac Collective understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to branding and marketing, and that’s why they offer a bespoke and individual service to each and every one of their clients. As Managing Director Paul Macnamara says, ‘Branding has never been more central to a company’s marketing strategy. We strongly believe that creating a consistent and professional image gives clients faith in what it is you are promising to do for them – and the figures speak for themselves’.

Everybody has heard the word ‘branding’ being bounced around, but how many companies actually understand the point of it? Branding is far more than just getting a great logo – it extends through to your corporate literature, your web content and even the tone of voice that you use. Standardising your branding and keeping it consistent throughout everything that your business does is integral to your success. Maintaining a strong profile means that you are far more likely to be noticed – and more likely to be remembered too.

It is important to use an expert when you are approaching your branding and luckily there are plenty of companies about who know the subject inside out – and none more so than Mac Collective. Working in close contact with you, they will completely transform your web presence, your corporate literature and anything else that you are associated with it to give it a strong and professional image. While you will need to pay for this service, the rewards that you reap will more than pay for it. You will notice a sudden increase in sales and enquiries, and your reputation will start to rise within your industry. Strong branding is an essential tool when it comes to getting your message out into the world – and it all starts with deciding on what exactly it is that you want to say. Think about what your USP is and what you want to be known for.

Paul Macnamara and his office of sales and marketing experts at Mac Collective are extremely well-placed to advise you on your current branding and make recommendations for improvement.

Mac Collective Reveal the Power of In-Person Communication
29 Apr

Mac Collective Reveal the Power of In-Person Communication

Our methods of communicating with each other have changed forever, thanks to ever increasing computer power and faster processing speeds. Emails have become an accepted, even expected, method of sending formal messages, and it’s now hard to imagine a business operating without them. Nevertheless, traditional face to face communication can still be as effective and useful as ever. A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine espoused the power of ‘in-person’. Here, Mac Collective review the article, and look at the benefits that direct communication can bring.


“Emails are certainly quick and efficient, but there’s always the danger that they get lost in the ‘noise’ that everyday life and business brings”, said Paul Macnamara, director of Mac Collective. “Emails can easily remain unread, even when they contain important information. That’s just one of the advantages that face to face communication brings. It’s direct, personal, welcomed, and sure to reach its target.”


The article is written by Jilliene Helman, co-founder of Realty Mogul. Jilliene reveals that while she’s made many deals and attended many meetings online, the most powerful, most useful, and longest lasting business relationships have come through face to face meetings. By forcing herself to attend as many networking events as possible in the early days of the business, she made important contacts that have made Realty Mogul the outstanding success in real estate investment that it is today.


A good example of this came at a crowdfunding conference that had Jilliene as a guest speaker. A Belgian investor was there on vacation, and he spoke to Jilliene after the event. He’s now in the process of putting a half a million dollar investment into the company. The fact is that consumers and business people like to see the human side of a business. They can learn much more from talking to someone in person than they ever can from looking at emails or a website, and it’s also a great way of building trust between both parties.


“The continued success of face to face marketing shows how important and how valued in-person communication really is”, said Paul Macnamara. “Whereas modern online advertising can often prove expensive and ineffective, direct marketing brings great results for clients year after year, whilst being much more cost-effective.”

Mac Collective are specialists in direct marketing, helping clients in all business sectors. Their tailor made marketing campaigns attract new customers, improve brand growth, and yield real returns on investment.

Mac Collective agrees that Perfect Market Strategy Brings Success!
07 Apr

Mac Collective agrees that Perfect Market Strategy Brings Success!

It doesn’t matter how much work and effort that you put into your business; if you don’t have a robust market strategy then the chances are that your profits will dwindle and you simply won’t enjoy the success that you rightly deserve. Being great at what you do is only the start of it all. You need to put serious time and thought into planning how you will take a larger market share. This is a very important exercise and, done right, it will guarantee the long-term success of your company’s future.


The Managing Director of direct marketing specialists Mac Collective knows this only too well. He says, ‘If you are serious about making sure that your business succeeds then there is no doubt that you need to be strategic in your approach to taking over the market. You need to be absolutely sure who your target customers are and you need to devise a plan which will get as many of them on-board as possible. This means having a clear idea of the path ahead of you and constantly reviewing it to make sure that it is effective. The smart businesses are the ones who are constantly striving forward and looking to the future. Don’t get left behind!’


Mac Collective are market leaders and they are experts in their field when it comes to customer acquisition. They understand that the secret of a successful business lies in having a large customer base – and constantly seeking ways in which to grow it further. Using direct marketing techniques they will bring you face to face with potential new clients allowing you to maximise on the opportunity using a well-considered plan of attack. This tried and tested technique garners impressive results and it’s no surprise that Mac Collective are in such high demand. With their own customer numbers going through the roof, they must be doing something right!


Mac Collective are well-placed to help you take your business to the next level. They will devise a personalised marketing strategy which will identify and target potential new customers. This will inevitably lead to a larger customer base and therefore bigger profits. If you would like to learn more about how Mac Collective can transform your business figures then have a look at their website where you will learn more about their techniques and business ethos. Mac Collective are very excited about the future and they look forward to helping even more businesses in the coming years.

Mac Collective Inc Explain What Makes a Great Graduate Job Candidate
23 Mar

Mac Collective Inc Explain What Makes a Great Graduate Job Candidate

We all know that a business can only thrive if it attracts, chooses and retains the right talent, and in today’s highly competitive job market strong companies have a lot of choice when it comes to the people they bring into their business.  Leading USA marketing company Mac Collective Inc are currently on the hunt for fresh new talent, and managing director Paul Macnamara has a very clear idea of what makes a truly desirable applicant:

‘Mac Collective is a very forward thinking company, and we look for candidates who have the drive and underlying work ethic to help us power toward our goals. We look for people who show a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a commitment to going the extra mile, both for our clients and for our team’ explained Paul Macnamara.

‘We have big plans at the moment and are on the lookout for people with real drive, and the knowledge and intelligence to help us meet our objectives. Our business is also all about communication, and so we need people who truly understand the importance of getting the message right every time.’

Mac Collective is the kind of business many new graduates dream of getting a chance to work with, as a company that offer opportunities to work closely with clients on the kind of innovative marketing strategies that can make a dramatic difference to their success. The talent chosen by Mac Collective will be granted the chance to apply approaches that can make a huge difference to their clients where it really matters – their bottom line.

With so many young, talented graduates looking for great roles with dynamic, ambitious companies in the fast paced marketing industry, it is easy to see why Mac Collective are so keen to identify the very best people to bring on board. ‘Education, application and determination – that is the motto at Mac Collective Inc, and we want people whose personal values align with that’ said Paul Macnamara. ‘We offer a lot of opportunities for development within the company, and the people we bring into the business receive a huge amount of support and mentorship from our established marketing experts, but we need people who give us the right foundations to build on.’

With big things on the horizon, Paul Macnamara and his team are excited to be on the hunt for the right people to share in their future successes.

Mac Collective Inc Talk about how Promotional Videos are a Great Way of Reaching New Clients
08 Mar

Mac Collective Inc Talk about how Promotional Videos are a Great Way of Reaching New Clients

When you are reviewing the way in which you advertise your services, it is important to make sure that you are covering all bases. You will already be employing your tried and tested ways of advertising, but are you staying ahead when it comes to new trends and creative ways of raising your profile? Promotional videos are a brilliant way of putting yourself in front of brand new audiences who may have never heard of you otherwise. A forward-thinking direct marketing and customer acquisition company, Mac Collective Inc, are in the final stages of pulling together a new branding video and they are excited about the results that it will achieve.

Managing Direct of Mac Collective Inc, Paul Macnamara says, ‘We pride ourselves on making sure that everything we do is cutting edge. We identified a need for a promotional video in order to target new clients and we are looking forward to launching it at the end of March. We envisage that our video will be shared across a wealth of social and business media platforms and we are excited about how far-reaching this could be. The video will focus on our success over the past few years and aims to explain to companies what we do and why they need us. We have really enjoyed the creative process of pulling this video together as it has really helped us focus our minds and concentrate on what is important to our current and prospective clients.’

While traditional advertising methods such as newspaper and magazine adverts, sponsorship deals and even TV advertising are just as effective as ever, you are missing a trick if you do not try to conquer the online community too. People are using computers more than ever before and the potential number of clients that can be reached is endless.

Mac Collective Inc are the one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs. Specializing in bringing their clients face to face with potential new customers, they use tried and tested direct marketing techniques in order to identify and secure new business. Their portfolio of clients is impressive and they are going from strength to strength thanks to their forward-thinking approaches.

Paul Macnamara and his team are eagerly anticipating the release of their promotional video and they are making sure that they have the correct resources in place in order to effectively deal with even higher demand than usual. The future’s looking bright for this team of creatives!