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Mac Collective Shares 4 Strategies to Relax & Reduce Stress
15 May

Mac Collective Shares 4 Strategies to Relax & Reduce Stress

When you’re constantly busy and in the midst of the hustle and bustle on a daily basis, it can be hard to control stress. The main cause of stress, as we know, comes up an imbalance between life, personal, and professional matters. “The root of stress is realizing that you ARE stressed in the first place and then taking an action to resolve what’s causing it,” mentions Paul Macnamara, Managing Director of Mac Collective. At Mac Collective we understand that it’s easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed when you’re in the business world. The perks, incentives, and people we work with are amazing. However, sometimes certain individuals can’t help but feel this strain in their mind. We’ve decided to come with a list of strategies to manage stress.


This is important because from time-to-time it’s important to unwind and relax. When you’re working above and beyond the regular 9-5 hours, it’s important to take a breather. These strategies Mac Collective has come up with have been implemented to try with our team. They also feel that these are great and helpful ways to combat this issue. “At the end of the day, we want everyone on our team to feel great about coming in, nothing should stress to a level where you can’t come through at work,” says Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective.


Take a Break


Sometimes individuals don’t understand how important it is to relax and breath. It may seem difficult to step back from a project or overwhelming situation, but once you let yourself step away for a moment, breath deeply you will instantly feel a certain weight being lifted off your shoulders. “It’s important to take at least 20 mins daily to relax, step back and just breath. This has helped tremendously and it’s something that people take lightly when it actually really works,” says Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective.


Quiet the Mind


Studies have shown that finding a quiet place and getting comfortable there is something that really helps quiet your mind. The focus of quieting your mind will help you look after yourself. Next time, try setting a timer for 10-15 mins, and step away into a quiet place and relax. We’re sure this will help immensely.


Write it Down


Writing things down can be very beneficial. It reduces the stress factors by you jotting it down on paper. Whatever worries and stressful factors that are keeping you restless, put them down on paper and go over them. See what you can do to combat these situations and put it in a more relaxing tone.




Cliche, but we know that this works. Research has shown that working out and exercising at least a little bit everyday releases endorphins that reduces stress. Being able to let out the bad energy by running or lifting weights that instantly put you in a better mood.


Mac Collective’s Business Trip to Atlanta
01 May

Mac Collective’s Business Trip to Atlanta

“At Mac Collective we place a very important emphasis on the fact that business travel and face-to-face meetings are the most crucial aspects of growing and doing great as a startup company,” mentions Paul Macnamara, Managing Director of Mac Collective. Recently, Mac Collective went on a business trip to Atlanta. We always make the effort to travel to places where we can explore and do business with other partners in our field. Our clients know us for providing a personal touch to everything we do and tailor it to their liking. Many of our clients and business partners are in other cities and all around the world. This is one of the most important factors of business travel, the fact that we can do face-to-face communication with our influential partners and also get on our creative side to explore a new city for new business as well.


“According to an Oxford Economics study, for every dollar companies invest in business travel, they reap an average of $12.50 in increased revenue and $3.80 in profits. The study also found that the average U.S. company would forfeit 15 percent of its profits in the first year of eliminating business travel, and it would take more than three years to recoup those lost profits.” This is due to the fact that companies and business are making an effort to connect their people in their field and who can potentially become clients as well. The importance of this comes from the fact that you are on the front line and in the field communicating with partners. “Email and phone are a huge part of our world today, but what makes us different? It’s business travel and the effort to do build face to face rapport,” says Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. 


You’re also taking the initiative to build professional relationships and trust. There’s something that technology can’t do, and it can’t replace the effect of personal face-to-face meetings. Maybe FaceTime or Skype comes close, but it does not have the impact that a true one on one has. It’s because of business development strategies that have created the effect of satisfactory business relationships. Mary Kay of Mary Kay Cosmetics, “People are a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.” This what we believe at Mac Collective, as good business comes with good travel. The factor of getting the opportunity to connect with influential, like-minded business individuals and building lasting professional relationships. 



Mac Collective Shares 3 Resume Building Tips with Recent Graduates
01 Apr

Mac Collective Shares 3 Resume Building Tips with Recent Graduates

It’s that time of year again. The time where new and fresh talent will be out and about to earn their place in the world. A time where businesses and companies look forward to meeting new individuals that are capable of great things. “As graduate season approaches the best advice I would give to recent graduates and young individuals is to polish your resume really well,” mentions Paul Macnamara, Managing Director of Mac Collective. We know that writing a resume or cover letter for a position you really want requires extreme precision. Especially because graduates have limited experience and they have to work on ways to spruce up other contents they have experience in which shows their qualities as a potential worker.


Mac Collective knows what makes a resume perfect and up to par in the eyes of company officials. There are many ways to show the company or business that you’re applying to your skills. You are certainly not limited and each and every individual has something great that makes them a great worker. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve accumulated. We are sure that these tips will help you improve your resume for any work area and company you want to be a part of.


  • Focus on extracurricular activities and responsibilities: “What this sets is an emphasis on the skills and experience you have,” notes Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. Focus on any kind of work or activity you did that made you stand out. For example, maybe you were involved in an internship that helped you develop leadership skills. Maybe you were a leader in a school organizational setting for a club. What this does is sets the tone of your abilities. By listing these activities you put a highlight on what you have that’s valuable as much as years of experience.
  • Make sure to mention how you can be a valuable asset to this role and company: “You’re applying because you want the job, whoever is looking at your resume knows that. However, you want to make sure you’re talking about how you will help the company. Why are you valuable? What makes you great for this?” notes Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. Make sure to mention that in your cover letter/resume.
  • Edit x 100: We place an emphasis on editing because once you’ve accomplished writing your resume and cover letter before you send it off it’s important to look over it for grammatical errors and mistakes. Always double check your work before you send it off. This is very important because if someone notices a spelling or grammatical error in your resume it’ll give the impression of carelessness, which is not what companies want. “Another great way to see if you have mistakes in your resume/cover letter is by letting someone else read it,” says Paul Mcnamara of Mac Collective. It gives another perspective and eye to any errors you’ve missed.


Mac Collective Discuss Building Your Businesses’ LinkedIn Profile
25 Mar

Mac Collective Discuss Building Your Businesses’ LinkedIn Profile

Mac Collective believes that a business’s LinkedIn profile is a window that lets potential clients, job searchers, and customers see what your company is all about. “It’s a type of marketing strategy that is easy enough to use and maintain. Through your profile you’re able to demonstrate a variety of different things such as company effectivity, values, and culture,” notes Paul Macnamara, Managing Director of Mac Collective. Not only is LinkedIn just for job searchers, but as a profile for your business, you will enable yourself to have the many benefits of modern marketing techniques.

Through putting your business on LinkedIn, you are able to acquire new clients by promoting the company out there to millions of users. It’s also crucial to make sure there is relevant content on your profile that describes just what your company is all about as well. “Make sure you discuss appealing information. It’s really your moment to make your company shine through every criteria and how it would benefit people that are interested in joining or working with you,” says Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. By targeting your type of market, other similar ones will look for information. Having your page on this savvy platform gives the company more exposure and visibility to the services you offer. Company pages also have recommendations just like your personal LinkedIn page. Happy and satisfied customers/clients that have worked with you can recommend you to their clients or people they know, this way you will be able to spread your company’s name as well and gain more business.

LinkedIn’s effectiveness for generating business has been recognized tremendously. A statistic shows that 84% of users generated business opportunities from the use of LinkedIn and engaged with followers without hassle. It’s also important to make sure you’re always posting, and your page is active — this is also important due to the company  posting various times a month. On average they reach 60% of their followers with 1 of more updates; 20% of followers are reached with one status update.” At Mac Collective, we take pride in our business’s Linkedin profile. It’s one of the top tools and tactics for growing business.

Mac Collective Comment On Why Direct Marketing Is So Effective
25 Feb

Mac Collective Comment On Why Direct Marketing Is So Effective

Mac Collective are a highly successful outsourcing company who specialize in direct sales and marketing in order to increase their clients’ customer base and brand awareness. When running a business, the strategy of marketing you use is crucial for success. In this day and age, there are so many different ways you can market your product or service. From television advertisements to billboards, there are a selection of means to use when wanting to create maximum awareness on your behalf. Although, it’s has proven through results that the most efficient and cost effective marketing strategy is direct. The reason it is cost effective is that you can rely on the fact your customers will receive your message instead of having your fingers crossed and playing it by chance.

When wanting to create an outstanding outlook on your company, product or service, you need to be positive that the marketing is doing just that, giving you positivity towards the general public. Direct marketing is a brilliant way to provide excellent customer service and a reliable, trustworthy experience to your target audience. It is clear that although marketing strategies such as television advertisements gain maximum awareness for your product, it is rather impersonal to the customer. Not only does direct marketing allow your customers to receive a personal and comfortable experience, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to allow your customers to get a great vision of your company along with the mind settling feeling of having their queries and questions answered to them directly there and then. We all know that to run a successful business you need to gain the results required for things to run smoothly. With direct marketing, you are guaranteed to receive results as your customers are contacted directly, which leads to results.

Mac Collective managing Director, Paul Macnamara comments, “When I saw a gap in the market I thought I’d seize the opportunity to take the sales and marketing industry by storm. I have seen so many businesses struggle with not being able to get the maximum awareness they need to make sure the results they achieve are enough. That’s why we specialize in direct marketing. It’s personal, reliable and results guaranteed. I have never come across a more reliable and enjoyable service for the customer other than approaching directly.”

Mac Collective have worked with a variety of clients in which they have helped gain results and raised brand awareness thoroughly. From working with the media industry to the finance industry to the telecom industry, you can be sure that their specialty in direct marketing and expertise has undoubtedly grown each and every client in a rather extensive and impressive portfolio.

Mac Collective are looking forward to breaking more records through their direct marketing strategy for many more clients.



Mac Collective  Discuss The Advantages Of Asking Questions
15 Feb

Mac Collective Discuss The Advantages Of Asking Questions

While there may not be any wrong questions, marketing experts Mac Collective believe that there are better questions. Managing director Paul Macnamara feels that asking questions are a fundamental part of most situations throughout life and in business – interviews, debates, purchasing, selling, problem-solving, improving, building relationships, learning and getting things done. However, it is more important that we assess and understand why we are asking certain questions and are they strategic enough to get the best possible answers to benefit our situations?

Managing director Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective says that the more he finds himself wondering how we can be improving the way he asks questions, the more he understands that it’s a powerful way of improving our chances of utilizing the answers to our advantage. For example, in a situation where you need to listen to somebody else’s perspective, you should ask open questions like “And what makes you think this is the most effective option.” By asking these kinds of questions, you will be able to make a more informed decision and take action based on the information you have obtained, just by being more inquisitive. Strategic questioning will help you pinpoint the exact information that you seek, managing director Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective appreciates that using open questions can be scary, as they seem to hand the baton of control over to the other person. However, well-placed questions do leave you in control as you steer their interest and engage them where you want them.

When learning about something, asking questions is a rule of thumb. By asking the right questions, you give yourself a better shot at understanding the concept and learning at a much quicker rate. Marketing experts at Mac Collective are always on the ball when asking questions to obtain the information they need to progress through their training. Managing director Paul Macnamara makes sure that they all understand the importance of asking the best questions possible at all given opportunities, they should take the initiative and try to answer the simpler questions for themselves, and strategically seek out the more advanced answers when they can.

Mac Collective Review The Importance of Setting Goals
29 Jan

Mac Collective Review The Importance of Setting Goals

If like most people you have been following any major sporting events lately, you may have noticed some of the parallels between what it takes to be a great athlete and what it takes to succeed in business. While the right mentality and drive are important, both athletes and business people succeed when they are very goal oriented, and set clear long and short term goals that help them get things done on the path to greatness. Here, leading marketing consultancy Mac Collective review the importance of goals in business, sport, and life in general.

‘Athletes set themselves a lot of goals. Small ones that they use in their training, that help them structure their work so they can get stronger and better in different areas of the game, and career goals, like playing for their team as a key starting player, or being selected for their country. The athletes will have set and met hundreds of goals to get to where they are, no matter who they play for or their age and position.’ managing director of Mac Collective Paul Macnamara began.

‘Just like a footballer or any other pro athlete, everybody needs goals to help organize where they should be putting their effort at any given time, and what they want to get out of it.’ he continued. ‘It helps you to have personal goals to help you achieve things in your personal life, such as say, learning something new or expanding your social life, and of course, it helps you in business to know what you are aiming for.’

‘For people in leadership positions such as managers and business owners, setting short and long-term goals doesn’t just help drive you, but helps drive your entire organization. Having shared goals as a company is a lot like having goals as a football team – each player has their own things to work on and their own goals to achieve, but together as an entity the team also needs to be working towards something clear and meaningful, whether that is qualifying for the World Cup or winning it!’

‘I try and instill a sense of goal-oriented working in my team, at Mac Collective, and help provide goals for us as a business that we can all pull together to work towards, and share in the satisfaction and success when we achieve them. I think this is really important to the culture of our organization.’ Paul Macnamara concluded.

Mac Collective Look At Building Unbreakable Relationships With Customers
15 Jan

Mac Collective Look At Building Unbreakable Relationships With Customers

Mac Collective know how important it is to connect with customers. Building relationships are essential to learning your customers’ needs. And, you may gain more returning customers, referrals and net income in the process. As the director of a start-up marketing firm in Chicago, Paul Macnamara shares some advice that he picked up from an article on, as he implements the same strategies into his customer service and sales teams.

When using face to face communication with customers, you have an advantage when it comes to building more trusting rapport. One on one conversations with outsourced representatives from independent firms allows customers to gain valuable support from the bigger organizations, but without the hassle of calling their switchboard and talking to them directly. This works to the smaller firms advantage as they can provide all of the same knowledge, but with a much faster and more personable approach, turning those conversations into strong relationships with customers.

Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective recently read an informative article on which shares five ways to build customer relationships which will keep them coming back. Mac Collective understand that in order to create customer relationships and keep them strong, you must do all you can to engage customers.

Firstly, communicate. The key to any healthy relationship is communication, and it is an essential way to build customer relationships. A useful and important strategy to remember is instead of just informing your customers about your business, and what you can do, you should make sure that the conversations you are having with them will benefit them. Find out what it is that they need and then show them that you have a solution to their problem. Paul Macnamara works with his team at Mac Collective to train them in effective communication techniques, giving them the confidence to communicate well with people in many situations.

Secondly, the article says to exceed expectations. As representatives of major clients, Mac Collective make sure to provide an excellent service to customers. You should, however, be over delivering, continue to raise the bar and impress customers so that they keep coming back. For example, tell a customer their order will be ready by the end of the month, knowing you will have it ready several days earlier.

Ask for feedback. Customer feedback, good or bad, is inevitable. Customers will make their opinions known when dealing with your company, so invite customer feedback to show you are listening. Always listen carefully to comments and respond promptly, whether it’s a compliment or a complaint. Feedback is an opportunity to improve your business and make it better, and negative feedback is just as constructive can give you a correct gauge of customer satisfaction.

Stay connected. As a business, you will have a webpage or social media site that customers will look up after coming into contact with your representatives or products. These are also tools for customers to communicate with you, so you should make sure your website navigates efficiently, is informative and interactive. Present your website like you would present yourself in a face to face conversation with customers; friendly and inviting. Engage with customers through your online channels, be careful not to create a one-way conversation. Ask customers questions, and respond to their inquiries promptly.

Lastly, show appreciation. Reward customers for their ongoing support and custom, you can do this in several ways, loyalty programs, further discounts, regular emails, and newsletters work well. As a small company, Mac Collective understand that appreciation is a small yet efficient way to say thank you to customers while keeping your business top-of-mind.

Mac Collective Review Innovation’s Effect on Long Term Strategy
30 Dec

Mac Collective Review Innovation’s Effect on Long Term Strategy

Businesses that serve the public directly no doubt need strong marketing campaigns and an extensive effort that reaches out to various elements of their targeted base. Companies and brands further up the supply chain, however, can also benefit from comprehensive marketing strategies and the professional advice that is provided by them. Manufacturing and industrial brands, in particular, must have a long-term strategy in order to remain relevant, due to the massive shifts now occurring throughout global supply chains. Here, Mac Collective review how innovation plays a role in the focus and long-term strategy of brands who do not deal with the public directly.

Surveys of manufacturers and industrial businesses in the United States show that many understand the need for overall innovation in order to remain relevant. Roughly half of all businesses in this category reported that innovation is a fundamental component in retooling their processes and driving long-term strategies, according to managing director Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. “We see that many different brands understand a need to evolve in ways that prior manufacturing operations never considered,” he stated. “As the market continues to experience more disruptive and competitive elements in the years ahead, these companies must adapt in order to remain competitive”.

Not all manufacturing and industrial companies appear to realize the importance that innovation plays in driving long-term growth and evolution. While half of all brands emphasized innovation’s role in the process, this is an indicator that the remaining half are not aware of how changing times could impact their bottom lines in the future. Marketing brands with experience in disruptive market currents such as Mac Collective the changing tides are so important to understand and address. Businesses that do not find their footing in innovation and focus on long-term strategies risk being left out of the equation in the coming years.

As the economy rebounds and manufacturers begin to ramp up production across all industries, the need for greater awareness of these problems and benefits will likewise increase. Professional marketing firms such as Mac Collective will continue to sound the warning bell, alerting their clients to the need for innovation in their supply chains, management, and sales. In order to make the right impressions and devise the right strategies, innovation must be at the heart of every action. These dynamics are exactly why substantial marketing efforts – even in manufacturing and industry – are so very vital to long-term stability.

Mac Collective Look at Building a Thriving Company Culture
28 Nov

Mac Collective Look at Building a Thriving Company Culture

Paul Macnamara, director of Mac Collective in Elmhurst, has taken keen interest in looking at several of the world’s biggest companies in order to understand just what it is that sets them apart from the competition. As an expert marketing professional, he recognizes that quite often what happens in sales begins inside and radiates outward. This is the company culture that makes one company successful and the next a mediocre enterprise. Here he looks at what it takes to build a thriving company culture.

“Throughout my years in marketing I have had the privilege of examining some of the world’s leading corporations,” says Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. “In an effort to build sales for my clients I look at just what it is that sets those big guys apart from other companies and although they each have top marketing experts, it is more than just that. We are an excellent marketing business and have had phenomenal successes building our clients’ bottom line. But there is something more that those big mega corporations have that many of our smaller clients don’t and that is a healthy company culture. They have a company culture that defines who they are and that carries over into all their marketing and sales. This could be the path that almost every business follows if they just set their minds on building a culture that is unique to them.”

The first thing that Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective notes is that each and every one of those giant corporations has a well-defined mission statement, a company policy. Also, they know how to communicate what they are all about. Communication is key in literally every aspect of a business. They have also taken the time to develop company standards that everybody is expected to conform to. These corporations implement company policies and ensure compliance. However, in Paul Macnamara’s eyes, the one thing that many of the larger corporations do that smaller ones don’t establish a set of rewards, and perhaps even consequences of policies aren’t adhered to.

Finally, Mac Collective suggest that when seeking to build a company culture, the one thing that many smaller companies don’t do is a regular performance review. All big companies do this, and it ensures that everyone is on the same page, doing their duties as required and happy to be involved. Paul Macnamara says that companies will simply stagnate if the culture isn’t one that workers can easily fit into and revel in. He says that before marketing can promote your business you have first to know what your business is. That’s your company culture and one you should define before you do anything else.