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Mac Collective Discuss Correspondence And How To Speed Things Up
28 Oct

Mac Collective Discuss Correspondence And How To Speed Things Up

There could be myriad reasons why you did not receive a response. But did you feel the frustration the last time you phoned or sent out an important email and never received a response? It could be that the recipient didn’t see your message, or they were too busy to respond right at that moment, or they may have even seen it and forgot to answer, the list is endless. Rapport building experts Mac Collective are here to help, here are some of managing director Paul Macnamara’s guidelines for following up.

You may find that when proposing an idea to clients, potential business partner or even during the hiring process, sometimes some people just don’t want to decline your offer or say a simple no to you. When this happens and you have reached out more than once and been ignored each time, you should try preempting that you are aware they may not be interested in your proposition, this makes it easier for them to tell you that they decline, as sort of an opt-out. You could say something along the lines of “I understand that you are very busy, could you please let me know soon if you would still like for me to go ahead with our sale. If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll go ahead and close your file.” This should give them the confidence to reach out to you with an answer.

Other ways managing director Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective recommends using to ensure that you encourage a quicker response from the off, are trying to appeal to the recipient’s interests. “I personally will always attempt to engage in friendly conversation whilst keeping the matter at hand formal, but I see no harm in adding some playful chit chat to grab the interest of the recipient and show them that I have given thought and listened to their interests and passions. This not only shows my commitment to doing business with them, but it makes my emails memorable and a sets them aside from the rest” explains Paul. “For example, I will mention something that we both have in common or recently discussed briefly, in the intro before getting down to business. That NY Giants game ey, can you believe it?”

Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective makes a career talking with people face to face every day, building relationships and training his team to develop the people skills and presentation skills when promoting their clients products. It is no wonder that he doesn’t have to struggle with correspondence from business partners.

Mac Collective Know That Innovation Is The Way To Stay Ahead Of The Game
05 Oct

Mac Collective Know That Innovation Is The Way To Stay Ahead Of The Game

When you run a successful business it is easy to find yourself stuck in a rut. Employing the same tactics and not looking for ways in which to improve your service is dangerous and you may well find that while your head is turned your competitors are surging ahead. Taking your eye off the ball is never a good thing to do, and it is for this reason that the most successful companies are the ones that are always striving for change and looking for new ways in which to do things.

Managing Director Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective, is a true believer in this ethos and he is doing all he can to convince other businesses that innovation in the marketplace is critical to success. He says, “I have always prided myself in looking for new ways in which to get things done. No matter how efficient you think your business runs, there will always be sure fire ways in which to increase productivity, operate on a more economic level and exceed your client’s’ expectations. I make sure I stay on top of market innovations by making sure I subscribe to all of the industry publications and I also make it my business to network with fellow professionals in the same field. There is always a lot that can be learned from other people – it’s just a matter of being open to change. Finding newer, faster ways in which to do things can have a dramatic impact on the success of your business so I would advise anyone who manages a business never to rest on their laurels.”

Mac Collective is a force to be reckoned with, having a huge share of the market and constantly gaining ground on their competitors. Specialising in direct marketing and customer acquisitions, Mac Collective are constantly looking for new ways in which to impress their clients. Innovation is at the centre of everything that they do, and while they rely on the tried and tested methods of direct marketing they always have their eye out for the latest market developments.

Direct marketing is the most effective way in which to boost sales and therefore profits. It uses popular methods which are designed to identify and attract potential new customers using face to face sales and events techniques. Mac Collective are going from strength to strength and they look forward to helping even more customers achieve their dreams in the future.

Mac Collective Explain Why Holding Your Own In Business Is So Important
25 Sep

Mac Collective Explain Why Holding Your Own In Business Is So Important


Running any sort of business is demanding, challenging and only the strongest survive. This is something that Paul Macnamara, Managing Director of Mac Collective knows only too well. he believes that if you want to get ahead in business you simply have to stand your ground and lead by example, otherwise you will get left behind and your competitors will gain ground on you. Mac Collective is a company which specialises in direct marketing and customer acquisition and this is a highly competitive marketplace in which to work. Paul Macnamara suggests that his success is down to the fact that he holds his own in the market and he always leads by example.

he says, ‘I have always believed that setting a good example to clients and business partners alike is critical to the success of any business. Mac Collective is thriving because I always make it clear that I expect and deliver 100% every single time. My hard working ethic is always noticed by my clients and the people that work along side me and they understand that I strive for perfection every single time. This gives clients reassurance and belief in me, and it gives the people that work for me more motivation to exceed expectations. In business you have to be strong, direct and focused and if you can be all of these things with consistency then people will stop and take notice of you. In a world such as direct marketing, reputation is everything and the only way to prove to people that you know what you are doing is to lead by example every single time.’

Mac Collective are results-driven, exceptionally highly motivated and, above all, committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction every single time. They are the experts when it comes to brand awareness and they devise personalised strategies to suit the individual needs of their clients. Having recently attended an industry conference in Barcelona, Paul Macnamara is constantly striving to learn more and build new relationships with peers and customers alike. his ambition and motivation comes from standing strong in the market and making sure that people see that he is fearless and determined. Direct marketing has long been viewed as by far the most effective way to boost customer base and increase profits, and this is one of the many reasons that Paul Macnamara and his office are in such high demand. Mac Collective have ambitious plans and they are looking to the future with excitement.

Mac Collective Uncover their Most Valued Tips For Excelling In Entrepreneurship
05 Sep

Mac Collective Uncover their Most Valued Tips For Excelling In Entrepreneurship

Mac Collective share their thoughts on making it as a successful entrepreneur. In such a competitive industry, you must be on your game at all times to get ahead, adopt just a few simple habits and you will develop faster than you ever imagined.

Managing director Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective suggests a healthy balance of working hard and disconnecting. Whether you enjoy exercise, art or getting lost in a good book, you should spend a good amount of time out of the office and give your soul as much as you give to your enterprise.  Also be sure to stay around company, you may be an introvert, that’s ok, however when you’re building your empire you need to be around other entrepreneurs, who can guide, influence and motivate you during work. Finding a partner or mentor is a sure fire way to increase your success rate and the speed in which you learn at. Bouncing and sharing ideas around with other visionaries will enhance your creativity and inspire personal and professional development and give you a burst of enthusiasm. Alongside generating ideas, Paul Macnamara suggests carrying a pocket journal for all of your inspired ideas, to keep them logged and saved in one place. The greatest minds in the world had one, from Einstein, Da Vinci and Edison to Gates and Branson.It’s estimated that humans have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day and idea can escape as quickly as it surfaces.

As well as this, Paul Macnamara firmly believes in the habit cycle, Habit – cue – craving – reward. Every time you accomplish a goal, whether you finished your website or struck a deal with a new client, you should begin rewarding yourself after. Perhaps you have seen a pair of shoes which you refrained from purchasing, or there’s a restaurant you have been dying to try, whatever it is, do it. As soon as you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, you will then subconsciously want to be further incentivised.


Mac Collective on Comfortability and How it Will Slow You Down as A Business Owner
27 Aug

Mac Collective on Comfortability and How it Will Slow You Down as A Business Owner

Since joining the industry, managing director Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective, has always put his fastest foot forward and not once raised his foot from the gas pedal. He knows what damaging effect, pausing on the grind can have on your business, or your personal development, and your rise to success. Here, Mac Collective and managing director Paul Macnamara, look at comfortability and how it will slow you down during success and ultimately, damage your business.

Due to the desire to stay within your comfort zone, people are so risk averse that they never give themselves the chance to push their own limits, unless they really do have to, but in that case, they will never truly know why, other than they had no choice but to. Perhaps you have never stayed within your comfort zone, maybe you’ve never even met yours, but since becoming a business owner, you may be finding yourself at a hault and stuck in the slow lane, perhaps you have gotten comfortable, and you have unfortunately, temporarily disembarked and checked out of road to success.

“It’s so very easy to become halted when you have obtained your most desired goal, you stopped for what seemed, just a brief moment, just to bask in your success, but maybe that was more than a few months ago now, possibly even longer, you have found your new comfort zone and sometimes without even knowing it.” explains Paul Macnamara. “Entrepreneurs and business owners should do all they can to avoid comfort zones and embrace challenges, new goals and ambitions, this will keep you aboard that road to success and, in turn, give you a happier and fulfilled life”, he says.

Cliche as it sounds, the first step, is acknowledging it, recognising that you are, and have been stuck in this zone of complete comfortability, restriction and lack of desire to do anything risky. “By leaving the comfort zone behind, by beginning to embrace challenges again and aiming towards new goals, you move out of the comfort zone and into the ‘strength zone’, this is where your skills and abilities can give you a competitive and fighting spirit and a hunger to win the game again” says managing director, Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective.

Mac Collective Investigates the Weekend Habits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs
08 Aug

Mac Collective Investigates the Weekend Habits of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Sales acquisitions firm, Mac Collective have looked into which habits make entrepreneurs the most successful and outline how individuals can implement these habits into their weekend routine.
Mac Collective are avid supporters of entrepreneurs and regularly host workshops and events that are aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs to allow them to learn and develop new skills and techniques.
The firm are strong believers in developing daily habits that lead to success. Here, the firm has looked into the weekend habits that help to make entrepreneurs successful:

Have a Plan
Mac Collective recommend asking yourself, “What good shall I do today?” Successful people know the importance of daily goals – the weekends are no exception. Slacking off is not an option.

Stay active
Successful people know the importance of an active body for an active mind – weekends included. Exercise is proven to create a positive attitude and encourage good decisions.

Prioritise what’s important
Weekends are the time for individuals to remind themselves of the little things they forgot to do during the week, and to keep their work-life balance in check. Spending time with loved ones might not directly increase profits but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Make time for hobbies
Successful people are often interesting people – and their hobbies have a lot to do with that. Hobbies can aid success through fostering creativity and relieving stress.

Take time to reflect
It’s great to celebrate success but it is better to heed the lessons of failure. Reflection should be a daily practice but the weekends are a great opportunity to step back and reflect on the lessons of the previous week.

Get ready for the week ahead
Mac Collective recommend taking Sundays to reflect, look at feedback and set up strategies. Successful people know that the weekends are actually the secret weapon in professional success.

Mac Collective believe that whilst the weekends are a perfect opportunity to relax it is important for any successful person to maintain their weekly motivation and habits across the weekend.

Mac Collective Explore the Importance of Keeping Abreast with the latest Recruitment Trends
25 Jul

Mac Collective Explore the Importance of Keeping Abreast with the latest Recruitment Trends


Managing director Paul Mcnamara of Mac Collective is always encouraging his inhouse  recruitment specialists to keep up to date with the latest recruitment methods and trends. He and his HR team are always working hard to stay on top of their recruitment game, as an ever growing industry, recruitment was rated one of the top 10 careers to pursue in 2016, with new and creative hiring philosophies, like Linkedin’s job platform where headhunters can personally fish for potential matches, the industry is reaching new lengths. In 2016 we saw an increase in start up companies using their social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to advertise job vacancies and openings, utilising personalised posts saying ‘We need you’ and promoting their company culture, to attract their hundreds of online followers.

Managing director Paul Macnamara of direct marketing enterprise, Mac Collective based in Chicago is always encouraging his recruitment specialists to network with others in the same field. “We have seen a huge increase in our recruitment productivity since the team and I asked ourselves what could we be actively doing, to get better results. We focused a lot more on networking with others in the HR field, the ones who were consistantly receiving high quality retention, we worked on how we can improve all aspects of our hiring process. We looked at the literature in our job adverts and the times of day which we post them, to our telephone pitch and voice fluctuations, we even restructured our confirmation emails and of course we reviewed the first round interview itself. We even changed around the team’s daily schedule so we can be most efficient, and make sure the smallest jobs were being completed in sufficient time and to 100% so they won’t later become a distraction so we can utilize every minute in the day”, explains Paul.

There are many online blogs and live polls to review the recruitment experience that the latest job hunters are looking for from the hiring process, you can also look at what the top companies are doing to keep ahead of times and see what creative methods they are using to consistently get top quality, and interested, candidates through their doors. Mac Collective advice taking the initiative and making sure your HR team are spending just a few minutes a day researching into the latest recruitment trends and implementing them into your own hiring process.

Mac Collective Looks at the Art of ‘Courting’ Business Partners
07 Jul

Mac Collective Looks at the Art of ‘Courting’ Business Partners

In today’s economy, nothing puts you in a better financial position than a professional partnership with peers built on trust. However, many of today’s company owners and directors don’t understand the lost art of ‘courting’ a partner. Mac Collective, an Elmhurst marketing firm, explain that once you have set your sight on businesses or professionals you’d like to create a partnership with you need to professionally court them as you would a partner when building a personal relationship. “In fact,” says Mac Collective’s director and CEO Paul Macnamara, “it is exactly the same because you are building a relationship, albeit a professional relationship, that is based on the same principles any personal relationship is built on.”

The first thing Paul Macnamara calls attention to is transparency. In any relationship the other person wants to be assured that you are who you say you are. You need to be transparent in all your dealings so that the relationship is rooted in trust. If you can’t trust your partner, who can you trust? That all comes about from being transparent and also from being honest. If you say you are going to do something, then make every effort to do it. Don’t promise the stars and deliver the moon.

“It just doesn’t work that way,” Paul Macnamara says. “If you say you can deliver something by Monday of next week, then you had better be sure that you can deliver. Don’t ever make promises you know you can’t keep. Not only is this dishonest but unethical as well and business partners will see right through the ruse in no time at all. When you are courting partners, let them see you are who you say you are and that you can do what you say you can do. That’s the basic foundation of any partnership, transparency and honesty.”

From there Mac Collective says you also need to be accessible. No relationship can last if you are never there. If your partners can reach you when they need to and you engage on an open and honest level, you have the beginnings of a solid relationship. From there it blossoms as a profitable relationship based on shared passion.

Paul Macnamara asks, “Can you see the likeness to developing personal relationships? Developing relationships with business partners are built on the same principles and if you want that relationship to last you will need to build it on transparency and honesty and be there for them when needed.” With a shared passion you can expect that relationship to grow stronger over time and both will benefit in the end.

Mac Collective Attend Industry Workshop in Miami
28 Jun

Mac Collective Attend Industry Workshop in Miami


Mac Collective and the team’s top performers were excited to accept an invitation to attend this month’s educational conference. Held in the heart of Miami, what better way to give recognition to our expert team members, to celebrate their journey and their achievements this year, so far.


Managing director Paul Macmanara shows support to his team, “Our top performers are building the foundations of their careers, their consistent hard work and eagerness toward learning is why they deserve to be recognised as an example across the industry”.


Workshops are an extremely vital resource when building upon your current skill sets and learning new information. Our top performers amongst other budding entrepreneurs attended guest lectures from local and international entrepreneurs  from the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, whom shared their knowledge and experiences.


Paul Macmanara knows the importance of information but “taking the information you already have and actively implementing those things, is absolutely key to succeeding”. Paul and his team are excited to demonstrate and with this much enthusiasm it will be exciting to watch Mac Collective grow over the next year as they continue to learn, apply and have fun.


To Paul and everyone at Mac Collective, congratulations on a job well done.


Mac Collective Describe the Role Humility Plays in Business Success
05 Jun

Mac Collective Describe the Role Humility Plays in Business Success

We have come to expect successful entrepreneurs to be bold and outspoken as so many have been over the past several years. With such up-front and bold personalities as Steve Jobs and Mark Cuban setting the stage, it is almost an expected prerequisite to success. Actually, Mac Collective direct marketing group explain that there is a flip side to a successful personality and that is humility.


“Contrary to popular belief,” says Paul Macnamara, “one of the key personality traits of a successful entrepreneur is humility.” Paul Macnamara is the Director of Mac Collective and one who has attained a high level of success as a marketing entrepreneur. He knows that there is a common misconception of what being humble means. “If you are humble it doesn’t mean that you have self-doubts. Humility is a state of mind in which you are less concerned with yourself than you are with others.”


Sales associates are often advised that to be good at selling you need to be great at listening. This is in line with being humble. People are more apt to open up and confide in someone who is humble and willing to listen to what they have to say. “We have proven time and again that selling involves hearing what it is the customer is looking for and of course, hearing implies listening. Really listening,” Paul Macnamara says.


Besides being a great listener, a person who is humble learns to test what they are hearing, test their gut level feelings. Rather than having an oversized ego, humility demands that you question all your own assumptions as well as those of others. How is this accomplished? A simple email usually works well where you can question others and then have a written record of responses that you can collate and assess.


Humility also demands that you admit it when you are wrong about something. Instead of trying to save face, learn those magic words, ‘I’m sorry.’ You can get much further when you are willing to admit that you haven’t got it right and are willing to correct yourself and go on from there. Being successful means that you exhibit leadership qualities and one of the most important of those qualities is humility.


Don’t ever mistake humility for self-consciousness or self-doubt. Humility is actually a sign of strength where you have the courage to put your ego aside for the success of the team. That’s a true leader who knows the surest path to success.