Mac Collective Discuss Ways to Expand Your Customer Base to a Global Level
15 Nov

Mac Collective Discuss Ways to Expand Your Customer Base to a Global Level

As a top performing marketing group out of Chicago, Mac Collective know the challenges of reaching out to capture customers from around the globe. Having worked with businesses of all sizes from mega corporations to small sole proprietorships, they know that there are customers to be found with the right techniques. According to Paul Macnamara, director of Mac Collective, the first thing a business needs to do is embrace technology.

“With the Internet you can be speaking with someone in London one moment, Hong Kong the next and minutes later you can be in a dialogue with someone in South Africa. At the rate of speed at which communications take place, you can see why it is vital to embrace technology, especially digital technology,” he points out. “And, the primary source of quickly establishing a global following is through social media.”

However, there are some rules to abide by when using social media to reach a wider audience. According to market Mac Collective, the most important rule is to avoid, at all costs, talking politics. Since everyone has his or her opinion, you just might strike a potential customer the wrong way and lose a sale that could have been a huge step in the right direction. Also, marketers suggest that you use as many of the large social media platforms as you can. Facebook isn’t the only platform that helps you build a global following. Twitter is huge around the globe as is LinkedIn and Instagram. It is suggested that you may want to avoid the smaller platforms because you won’t get a decent return on your investment.

“There is one thing that today’s consumer values, no matter where they live on the face of the earth, and that trusts in the brands they buy from. The only real way to establish this, in the beginning, is to provide testimonials from satisfied customers. Until they try products themselves, they will never know what your brand has to offer, but by reading what others have to say they can establish that you are reliable and have the quality, you say you have. Testimonials will be your foot in the door, so to speak,” he concludes.

With high-quality testimonials, a social presence and followers who like your brand, you can begin reaching out to a global audience only possible with digital technology. Use it well like Mac Collective, and you can bring your brand to homes and businesses around the world.

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