Mac Collective Discuss Building Your Businesses’ LinkedIn Profile
25 Mar

Mac Collective Discuss Building Your Businesses’ LinkedIn Profile

Mac Collective believes that a business’s LinkedIn profile is a window that lets potential clients, job searchers, and customers see what your company is all about. “It’s a type of marketing strategy that is easy enough to use and maintain. Through your profile you’re able to demonstrate a variety of different things such as company effectivity, values, and culture,” notes Paul Macnamara, Managing Director of Mac Collective. Not only is LinkedIn just for job searchers, but as a profile for your business, you will enable yourself to have the many benefits of modern marketing techniques.

Through putting your business on LinkedIn, you are able to acquire new clients by promoting the company out there to millions of users. It’s also crucial to make sure there is relevant content on your profile that describes just what your company is all about as well. “Make sure you discuss appealing information. It’s really your moment to make your company shine through every criteria and how it would benefit people that are interested in joining or working with you,” says Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. By targeting your type of market, other similar ones will look for information. Having your page on this savvy platform gives the company more exposure and visibility to the services you offer. Company pages also have recommendations just like your personal LinkedIn page. Happy and satisfied customers/clients that have worked with you can recommend you to their clients or people they know, this way you will be able to spread your company’s name as well and gain more business.

LinkedIn’s effectiveness for generating business has been recognized tremendously. A statistic shows that 84% of users generated business opportunities from the use of LinkedIn and engaged with followers without hassle. It’s also important to make sure you’re always posting, and your page is active — this is also important due to the company  posting various times a month. On average they reach 60% of their followers with 1 of more updates; 20% of followers are reached with one status update.” At Mac Collective, we take pride in our business’s Linkedin profile. It’s one of the top tools and tactics for growing business.

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