Mac Collective Look at Building a Thriving Company Culture
28 Nov

Mac Collective Look at Building a Thriving Company Culture

Paul Macnamara, director of Mac Collective in Elmhurst, has taken keen interest in looking at several of the world’s biggest companies in order to understand just what it is that sets them apart from the competition. As an expert marketing professional, he recognizes that quite often what happens in sales begins inside and radiates outward. This is the company culture that makes one company successful and the next a mediocre enterprise. Here he looks at what it takes to build a thriving company culture.

“Throughout my years in marketing I have had the privilege of examining some of the world’s leading corporations,” says Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective. “In an effort to build sales for my clients I look at just what it is that sets those big guys apart from other companies and although they each have top marketing experts, it is more than just that. We are an excellent marketing business and have had phenomenal successes building our clients’ bottom line. But there is something more that those big mega corporations have that many of our smaller clients don’t and that is a healthy company culture. They have a company culture that defines who they are and that carries over into all their marketing and sales. This could be the path that almost every business follows if they just set their minds on building a culture that is unique to them.”

The first thing that Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective notes is that each and every one of those giant corporations has a well-defined mission statement, a company policy. Also, they know how to communicate what they are all about. Communication is key in literally every aspect of a business. They have also taken the time to develop company standards that everybody is expected to conform to. These corporations implement company policies and ensure compliance. However, in Paul Macnamara’s eyes, the one thing that many of the larger corporations do that smaller ones don’t establish a set of rewards, and perhaps even consequences of policies aren’t adhered to.

Finally, Mac Collective suggest that when seeking to build a company culture, the one thing that many smaller companies don’t do is a regular performance review. All big companies do this, and it ensures that everyone is on the same page, doing their duties as required and happy to be involved. Paul Macnamara says that companies will simply stagnate if the culture isn’t one that workers can easily fit into and revel in. He says that before marketing can promote your business you have first to know what your business is. That’s your company culture and one you should define before you do anything else.

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