Mac Collective Look At Building Unbreakable Relationships With Customers
15 Jan

Mac Collective Look At Building Unbreakable Relationships With Customers

Mac Collective know how important it is to connect with customers. Building relationships are essential to learning your customers’ needs. And, you may gain more returning customers, referrals and net income in the process. As the director of a start-up marketing firm in Chicago, Paul Macnamara shares some advice that he picked up from an article on, as he implements the same strategies into his customer service and sales teams.

When using face to face communication with customers, you have an advantage when it comes to building more trusting rapport. One on one conversations with outsourced representatives from independent firms allows customers to gain valuable support from the bigger organizations, but without the hassle of calling their switchboard and talking to them directly. This works to the smaller firms advantage as they can provide all of the same knowledge, but with a much faster and more personable approach, turning those conversations into strong relationships with customers.

Paul Macnamara of Mac Collective recently read an informative article on which shares five ways to build customer relationships which will keep them coming back. Mac Collective understand that in order to create customer relationships and keep them strong, you must do all you can to engage customers.

Firstly, communicate. The key to any healthy relationship is communication, and it is an essential way to build customer relationships. A useful and important strategy to remember is instead of just informing your customers about your business, and what you can do, you should make sure that the conversations you are having with them will benefit them. Find out what it is that they need and then show them that you have a solution to their problem. Paul Macnamara works with his team at Mac Collective to train them in effective communication techniques, giving them the confidence to communicate well with people in many situations.

Secondly, the article says to exceed expectations. As representatives of major clients, Mac Collective make sure to provide an excellent service to customers. You should, however, be over delivering, continue to raise the bar and impress customers so that they keep coming back. For example, tell a customer their order will be ready by the end of the month, knowing you will have it ready several days earlier.

Ask for feedback. Customer feedback, good or bad, is inevitable. Customers will make their opinions known when dealing with your company, so invite customer feedback to show you are listening. Always listen carefully to comments and respond promptly, whether it’s a compliment or a complaint. Feedback is an opportunity to improve your business and make it better, and negative feedback is just as constructive can give you a correct gauge of customer satisfaction.

Stay connected. As a business, you will have a webpage or social media site that customers will look up after coming into contact with your representatives or products. These are also tools for customers to communicate with you, so you should make sure your website navigates efficiently, is informative and interactive. Present your website like you would present yourself in a face to face conversation with customers; friendly and inviting. Engage with customers through your online channels, be careful not to create a one-way conversation. Ask customers questions, and respond to their inquiries promptly.

Lastly, show appreciation. Reward customers for their ongoing support and custom, you can do this in several ways, loyalty programs, further discounts, regular emails, and newsletters work well. As a small company, Mac Collective understand that appreciation is a small yet efficient way to say thank you to customers while keeping your business top-of-mind.

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